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    Split, Varna, 4-year med Poland


    Hi I'm hoping that someone can help me get some more information about Medical University Split, Medical University Varna, and some of the 4-year advanced MD programs in Poland (specifically Lublin and Jagiellonian). I received my bachelor's in English but completed all the required pre-medicine courses. I've also completed the MCAT but received a pitifully low score of 492 after little to no preparation. My GPA is 3.7 in college with upward trend (4.0 in last year). I am applying to European schools because I would like to live and practice in Europe and have made many connections through my time abroad there (I'm from the US). I have no desire to practice in the US and am hoping to complete a residency program in Germany or Spain since I speak German and Spanish and would be able to get those certified at the C1 level required.

    Am I likely to already get into Lublin even with my MCAT score? At this point I am planning to retake the MCAT to be able to get into Irish schools but could also apply to Jagiellonian with just 6 more points if Ireland doesn't work out. Are these schools good options for students trying to study and practice medicine in the EU? What are they like and how is life like in Lublin or Krakow?

    I have also considered Varna and Split because of their seemingly beautiful locations and the programs seem fairly easy to get into with no entrance exam for Non-EU applicants. For Split it seems I'd be at a high priority for consideration since I have a degree and an MCAT score (which will hopefully be significantly improved after proper prep). Varna also does not seem that difficult for non-EU applicants. My high school grades are over the requirements for both Split and Varna (3.3 GPA with B's in Chemistry and Biology).

    What is life like in Split and Varna? Which school would be a better option for a doctor trying to get residency positions in Germany/Spain?
    Another concern of mine is the sort of party culture. I am curious how often students in these Eastern European schools have time to party or really do anything besides studying. I've seen many posts detailing the huge workloads, as expected for any medical school, but none about the ability to have some free time and make good social connections with peers.

    My plan is to only apply to either Split or Varna, and definitely Lublin, maybe Jagiellonian (with improved score on MCAT) since the applications can be extremely tedious. They all seem interesting but I was hoping to get more info in order to make a more informed decision. At this point Split seems like a more interesting place to study and live than Varna, though Varna looks cool as well. I'm leaning more towards split.

    One last thing about split is that they offer a program through a German partner (REGIOMED) where you attend the last 3 years of school of the 6 year program in Germany. Can anyone who has gone through this program give me some feedback on it and also let me know what sorts of clinical/practical experience are required to apply? I saw that an 8 week practical thing in a hospital is required. This program seems tailored for german students and not for students like me interested in studying partly in Germany. Thank you very much if you can offer me any assistance with all this!
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