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    choosing MED SCHOOL & preparatory courses


    I'm a 3rd year MS currently studying in a non-EU (Russian) med school & I'm about to leave it Basically, due to several reasons:

    • the program differs from EU standard way too much
    • lack of study materials they give us
    • useless lectures + useless practical classes (I've forgotten about good teaching )
    • diploma not valid in EU
    • EU med schools don't accept transfers from my university, so I have to start from the 1st year (I'm fine with that !)
    • I'm only 19 yo

    I plan to quit 'officially' in Jan 2019 & I need to decide what med school to choose & where
    Important for me:

    1. entrance exams (no physics please! only bio & chem )
    2. distance from home country (e.g. Poland is the best in terms of that)
    3. cost (the US is too pricey for me & too far away, but 10-16 thousand $ / year would be fine)

    My goal is to get admitted to a 6-year MD program in English
    I consider attending a 1-year preparatory course (in terms of adaptation + if it helps me to get into the desired university)
    Maybe preparing for entrance exams myself, as I'll be free from January-February 19' and exams start in early summer

    I would really appreciate any help & suggestions,
    Thank you

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    I'm currently enrolled in a Russian Medical School as a 1st year student, and I'm quite disappointed with how the things work around here, I am looking forward to transfer to Sechenov, in Moscow, or somewhere else in Europe. I'm considering Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or anywhere else where I can find a good quality of education for around 16K U$. I would like to have a conversation with you, so we can share our thoughts and experiences, moreover, also help each other.

    Thanks for your attention,

    Best regards,


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