Hi All,

So a quick history about me, I'm a UK qualified Paramedic - one of the last not to be degree based, but I do hold a 2:1 BSc degree in business. I've got coming up to 4 years experience providing pre-hospital and unscheduled care and I have recently decided that I want to pursue the med school route.

I'm unlikely to be accepted into a graduate entry program in the UK so I am looking for recommendations for 4 year courses in the likes of Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Hungary or anywhere else within the europe area, as this will enable me to return to the UK and practice.

I'm also lacking the basic Chemistry, Biology and Physics modules which are specified for the 4 year courses, I have Science GCSE's and have obviously covered slightly more in my Paramedic course but I'm looking for recommendations of where I can't take the courses to satisfy the prerequisites.

Thanks for your help in advance, I'm open to any help/advice that can be given.