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    Clinical residency in paediatrics in Belgium for a non-EU student


    Hello friends,
    I am an Indian medical graduate, I shall complete my internship next year, which will amount to 4.5 years.This is the standard time period of pre-graduate training before we are elgible for speciality training in India .
    However , due to personal issues , I prefer completing my specialilty training in Belgium, specifically at Leuven University.
    I have following queries-
    1.In Belgium the pre-graduate training period is 6 years now , so do I have to complete the extra 1.5 years to qualify as a graduate? Its pretty spooky though..In case it is so, what is the procedure?
    2. I am aware they have dutch language level 5 as a requirement, could someone suggest some links to find great stuff to learn dutch ?
    3. Also, is there any entrance examination? My speciality of choice is Paediatrics.I have done research projects as a UG in the Paeds, that adds the credit points, but please elucidate in case there are any entrance exams?
    4. To be on safe side what are the similar universities I can apply as a back up option?

    Please do reply ...anyone who knows about it
    Thank you in advance.
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