Hey guys...Ive been searching around and cant seem to find a consensus for my situation. I graduated from a big state school last summer (Penn State.) with a low gpa (2.4) . I am currently studying for the MCAT, taking it april 5th.

I was just wondering where are the most realistic places for me to apply? I have solid EC's (shadowing, volunteering, organizations, sports, etc). I had a difficult time in college as my father passed away and my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but is currently in remission . I don't think these are valid excuses and I know I could have studied harder, I just need the chance to prove myself.

I was set to graduate in summer 2012 but I realized that if I stayed one more year I could get a second degree and improve my gpa. So the final year I maintained a gpa of about 3.3 which included some upper level science courses (biochem, immunotoxicology, etc) and also calculus 1 and 2. I hope this upward trend helps a little bit.

Provided I do reasonably well on the MCAT, where are my best bets of acceptance? I am considering the atlantic bridge program's 5 year schools which is offered to graduates who havent taken the MCAT ( I would apply before taking it). I am also open to the Caribbean, Europe, Australia/NZ, pretty much anywhere haha

Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated