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    Questions about Semmelweis University Admission


    Hi All,
    I am interested in applying to Semmelweis University for their Medical or Dental Program. I am currently finishing up my high school diploma in Canada. I would like to apply as soon as I graduate however I am only 17 and will be turning 18 in November of 2014. I will be going back to to high school to in Fall of 2014 to maintain my knowledge of sciences until I am able to apply. My Hungarian cousin is currently studying in the Hungarian Semmelweis program for dentistry and my uncle owns a dental practice in Budapest.

    So here are a few questions I have:
    Would taking a gap year affect my chances of admission?
    What is the odds of admission for the English program?
    Does my high school GPA highly determine my admission status?
    How is the written test? (difficulty)
    How is the interview? (difficulty)
    Who will interview me and would it be here in Canada, over the phone or would I have to go to Budapest?
    I am currently a part-time pharmacy technician, which expands my knowledge of medicine. Will they take this into account when reviewing my application?
    Do languages and extracurricular activities such as student council and sports benefit your application?

    I have visited Budapest for a couple of weeks last year and I loved the city, and would love to be able to do my studies there.

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    Don't go. If you want to practice in Canada, stay in Canada. Don't go to Semmelweis, the facilities there are bad and you will regret it.
    Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident

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