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    Residency in EU?


    Hello! This is my first post here and I am sorry if this is not in the right place.

    I searched in Internet for residency in Europe, but still I have some questions.
    I will be 3rd year medical student in Bulgaria and now I am wondering where should I go when I finished my med school. I know the language is very important so I want to start study the right language and prepare for the country where I would go for residency. I have a question for the residency programs in EU. I can't find information if they are paid or I should pay for the specialization. For me this is very important. I know that in Germany and Sweden I am paid for the residency, but I can't find info about Spain, France, Austria etc...
    I will be very grateful if somebody can tell me this or from where I can find such information and other (what are the requirements... how should I prepare for a good place of residency in Europe and how I can find the best place for my residency).

    Thank you!

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    I heard that France is really tough for residency.
    To get into a residency programm in Spain, you need to take their national exam called MIR.It's a competitive exam and the higher you score the more competitive specialties you can aim for.
    I think the best option for a graduate in 2017 will still be Germany, so I highly recommend that you learn German.German is also spoken in Austria as you may know, and might help with Swiss-German.
    People say that Italy is a bad place for residents, but I don't really have any particular info.
    Sweden is very popular amongst my home country's graduates, while some go to Norway.Wages are very good in those countries but I don't really know anything about the medical education and working conditions.

    Good luck.

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