Hi everyone,

I have heard that universities in Roumanian are french! Do you know a good roumanian university ? I have a degree in Civil Engineering from Canada.

And how does it happen if I want to do my residence to Canada after my MD in Europe ? I had a lot of answer but when I call the Order of Physicians of QUebec (Canada), they tell me that I have to pass an equivalence exam after what I can be considered as any canadian student. On the forum people say it is very hard to be matched in Canada. Does it mean "it's hard to be matched to a residence in Canada after having passed the 3 equivalence exam" ? I am totally lost.

The College of Physician of Quebec ALSO told me that even if after my MD in europe I do my residence in USA, I have to pass an equivalence exam when i return back to canada.

Please Help me with these 2 things..