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    Appartments in Sofia


    Does anyone know how much time it will take to find an appartment in sofia and settle in??

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    Getting an apartment kind of depends on whether you go through a good realtor, go through a crap realtor, or try to do it on your own. In this case, I HIGHLY recommend the first option. I tried to do things through the third option and, while I did find an apartment... um... let's just say that the landlords were complete cretins and the Bulgarian mafia ended up getting involved. (No kidding.)

    If you wish to PM me, I can put you in touch with a realtor in Sofia who speaks excellent English and does not rip people off.

    As far as getting settled, well, that totally depends on you. Some people are essentially good to go within a week or two. Other people take a year or longer. Other people just can't hack it and leave. FWIW, since you are coming here to start medical school, I would give plenty of time between arriving and starting school, so you have a chance to find your way around, get moved into your place, meet some people, get ripped off by some cabbies, learn to avoid the crooked sellers at the open air market, get a feel for the prices of things, get over the first bout(s) of gastrointestinal distress, etc.

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