I am a 22 year old working professional here in the US looking to apply to PFU, RSMU. I am realistic to what I can expect from going to one of these schools.

If anyone can be of help by answering all or some of my long list of questions it would be gratefully appreciated.

1.) Anybody go through the RSMU program? Any thoughts/concerns/tips? Is that school full of bribing or will I get a decent Russian education from them.

My reason for picking RSMU over PFU is the RSMU just does medical education. I thought they'd be more up to speed over any others but that's just my opinion.

2.) Although cheap, how did you all finance your education? Also how do I pay my tuition to the school? Open a russian bank account? Do they accept credit cards? Cash? Also, when do you pay tuition, hostel and books, when you arrive or before.

3.) When you first arrive in Russia and make your way to the university, do they set you up with your dorm room right away or should you stay in a hotel before school starts. Any tips?

4.) What is a realistic amount to live on (money) when going to Russia for a year? Is there places to do laundry and all that good stuff in the universities?

5.) Tips on residency after wards? Are you less likely to get into one because your a Russian med grad?

6.) Do they schools offer tours? If so and how can you find out.

7.) Most schools websites give price lists, they are all about 5,000. I see USD, EURO and Ruble... which one is it.

8.) ANY UNEXPECTED EXPENSES YOU FACED WHILE IN RUSSIA. Sorry to yell but this one is important to me. I will be paying for my education so I need to plan ahead on what I will need throughout my stay.

My only thoughts on RSMU is that, if you got to the school and they were telling you they wanted bribe money or they wouldnt give you your passport for three months. I woulda cussed everyone out, went to the embassy and been on the next flight home.

How come people who came home and said it was awful, put up with so much crap? I dont get it.