Great location for rotations & studying for boards. I did many of my rotations nearby here. If you're a couple in med school, friends starting your rotations or need a spot while you study & go to your residency interviews this place is perfect. Gated parking spot is available, there is street parking also. Lakeshore drive is nearby to get to any hospital in the city quickly. Also the Red Line (CTA public train) is a 3 min walk to get you where you need quickly without worrying about parking your car (if the hospital doesn't have a lot).

Feel free to ask me questions & see more on my craigslist posting. Having been a med student myself, I understand the pressure & struggle and prefer healthcare professional students (med, nursing etc) over random people.

Message me your email address if you're interested & I can send you the link & provide more details.

Good luck, happy studying, happy holidays!