I'm taking USMLE prep in Newark, NJ and it will kill me to commute from Queens, NY! I need a dirt cheap room in newark, or commuting distance from it. If anyone can give me a great deal on a room all I need is sleeping space and I wont have much stuff with me except clothes, bedding, toiletries and my USMLE prep books. If you're a med student, you'll get yourself a study partner! if you're not - I sleep like a log, and usually study outside, so you can throw parties in the living room for all I care.

Rental times: mid-Jan - end of April, flexible
Rental price: I'd like to keep it around $200/month (the price of my Bronx room before I went away to med school).
About me: Easy going, nothing bothers me, and all I care about is becoming a doctor.