Hi everyone.

First to all moderators, if this posting is in the wrong section, really sorry.

Now to my main point:

I am a medical student myself. I know what a hassel it is once you come back to states and are constantly on the move when you are doing rotations. And sometimes when you are on the move, it is hard to find a good place to stay. Hence I am planning to launch a new website sometime between September and October which will make it easier to find apartments for medical students.

Now in order for me to launch my website, I need apartments to list so that student can access them and get in touch with an appropriate personnel to rent out an apt if they are interested. So if you guys think that your current land lords might be interested, please send me a message on here. Of course it is going to cost them a little but I have to do this because I am not a programmer so I have to pay someone first to help me design and launch this project. And I am a medical student and I cant spend money to launch this site and maintain it on monthly basis without any support (so this support is going to come from the landlords.. they get tenants and i get support to run the site).

Also, I want this site a place where students can do apartments swaps if they are doing one month electives as I know most apartments are not rented out for a month. So it will be helpful to everyone. So I hope you guys can contact your land lords and see if they are interested in advertising their apartment on the website. The only way to launch the site is to get enough landlords to advertise to cover all the cost.

Really appreciate all your help

Thank you

PS: Moderators, if you think you can help me in any way as well, really look forward to hearing from you guys as well.