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    Lots of MCAT material for sale

    I am selling the complete 12 CD set of Audio Osmosis Exam krakers lectures by Jon and Jordan (review of each section on mcat exam) for $40 only! I used this for the August mcat...i found it really really good...was very easy to understand and explained concepts in a very non-boring manner....A !
    the audio osmosis lectures retail for $100 atleast...anywhere else.

    Audio Osmosis Description:

    - Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis with Jordan and Jon is complete preparation for the MCAT
    - Every MCAT topic and formula thoroughly explained by two of the top MCAT experts in the country.
    - Exciting and interesting delivery keeps you awake and assists recall.
    - Intonation and sound effects clarify concepts in ways that can't be duplicated in books or even in the classroom.
    - Convenient tracking allows easy repetition of important points.
    - As comprehensive as any MCAT prep course available.

    I am also selling:

    Official AAMC MCAT practice exams 3-9R
    11 Full length Kaplan practice tests
    Whole bunch of Sectional and topical Exams for each section
    Subject Discrete tests for each section by Kaplan
    Review Material for each section by Kaplan
    Mnemonics for MCAT
    MCAT Secrets

    the sectional, topical and discrete tests mentioned above include:

    - Biological Sciences 6 Tests
    - Physical Sciences 7 Tests
    - Verbal Reasoning 13 Tests

    Subject Specific Tests:

    - 5 Biology Subject Tests
    - 9 Biology Topical Tests
    - 5 General Chemistry Subject Tests
    - 8 General Chemistry Topical Tests
    - 5 Organic Chemistry Subject Tests
    - 8 Organic Chemistry Topical Tests
    - 5 Physics Subject Tests
    - 11 Physics Topical Tests

    plus all the extra study material....everything total is around 1500 pages or so...probably more!....you wont need anything else!....this material really helped a lot...very good for going back and strenghtening and revising concepts...

    All above exams have solutions and explanations and are $35 for the whole set.

    this is dirt cheap...the aamc exams go for $40 each on the aamc website...and theres so much extra im giving away...

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