Hey Guys,

I am currently a Senior in high school. I am looking to apply for the 6 year program between AUA and KMCIC. I was wondering, based on your own achievements, and what you seen from others, if there is a good chance for me to get accepted. Here is a description of myself:

-High School GPA: 4.86 on a 5.0 scale.
-Classes: Almost all Honors and AP since Sophomore year.
-Outside classes: Taking chemistry 121 at a local college.
-Science classes taken this far: Honors Physics, Honors Bio, Honors Chemistry
-Science classes planning on taking: AP Physics, AP Bio in my senior year.
-Math class: AB Calc.
-ACT Score: 25, with high English and Math. (Yes, I know it's bad.)

I am also planning on volunteering more at a local hospital. Plus, I'm holding a leadership role in National Honor Society and Congressional Debate in my school. Hopefully, this is enough to determine if I have a decent chance or not. I am asking now so that, if I can't get into KMCIC, I will create a back-up plan. Also, the reason why I want to study in India is not because I am looking for an easy way out. I want to study there because, I want to help the numerous amount of people who are suffering in India, due to a lack of basic healthcare. I understand that I will only be in India for 2 years with the 6 year program, but in those 2 years, I will get involved in the local community as much as I can. Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate your feedback on this.