For current students or any students who have knowledge about KMCIC, if you can answer these questions it would be helpful.

1. How is the grading at KMCIC? What are the kinds of exams.. multiple choice, short answer, USMLE style, or exams written for regular MBBS students at KMC? Are the exams the same as the exams taken at Antigua?

2. Are KMCIC students in the same class as MBBS students at KMC?

3. What is the attrition rate for KMCIC?

4. Do students in KMCIC live in the regular hostels, or are there hostels in Manipal specifically designed for International Students?

5. Any ragging or any social concerns?

6. How many entering students are there per batch?

7. What are the textbooks used in the MD sem 1 program?

8. Are faculty supportive, or are they displeased with international students?

Answers to any or all of these questions would be helpful!