Lets see if posting in right forum works....

I am totally confused with KMC, KMCIC, Twinning...and what not. My sister got in sep 09 batch ( 6 year program) and ever since then I have started to think of KMC seriously as well. Thanks to million calls from MR TIPTON, so far she didnt have any problems. I completed 3 years of Honors biology and Pharmacology program and now entering the 1st semester for 4th year. I am in a co op program and so, I will complete my second half of 4th year only in 2011. I do have more than 90 credits completed but my gpa is not too high like they state in website. However, I have a lot of research experience, volunteering and whole deal of work experience within medicine. These are my questions

- DO I have to start over from premed like my sister? If not, what is my option?

- When is the next batch after sep 09 ? and when do I apply for it ?

- Do I need to take my MCAT before applying ?

- I will be taking the pending english credit in sep 09 so will it affect my admission ?

- Finally, like million other students ask, if working hard enough will I be able to practice in US along with my sister? and what states approve this program?

This is more like a early life crisis for me so please drop in your thughts, answers.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it.