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Thread: Jagiellonian Financial Options

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    Jagiellonian Financial Options


    Hello all,

    I am from the US and planning on applying to Jag next year (to start in Fall 2016) for the 4-yr program. I have a few questions regarding finances and was wondering if anyone had any info on the matter. It would be much appreciated!

    1. I have heard that if you have undergraduate loans that need to be paid off right after you graduate, that they "freeze" as soon as you enroll full-time in school again (even if interest still accumulates). Does anyone know if Jagiellonian, being a foreign school, still counts as being enrolled full-time in medical school in the US in terms of Stafford and Perkins loans?
    2. It seems as though Jag is unable to offer loans as of currently to students from US, unlike Poznan's medical school. I have heard that they are working to fix this issue. Does anyone have an idea of approximately when loans will be available again?
    3. In the case that those loans won't be available anytime soon, has anyone had any luck receiving private loans to help pay for school? I would feel a lot more secure attending if I knew there would be these types of backup options, just in case.

    Thanks guys!!!

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    1. As far as I know it does count as a full time program allowing you to freeze your current loan payments.
    2. There are US federal loans available for the 2015-2016 school year. Fill out a FAFSA and contact the school office.
    3. People in previous years have used Sallie Mae private loans which work just fine. Slightly higher interest rates than federal but get the job done.
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