Hello! I am thinking about to apply to the 6 years MD program this year but i dont have any idea how much i should prepare or what kind of questions i should expect.
For example this is what i have written as a "summary" about the lysosome:

are compartments for digestion. Lysosomes are small sacs of digestive enzymes dispersed in the cytoplasm of most animal cells. There are about 40 different digestive enzymes in lysosomes. These lysosomal enzymes are active under acidic conditions so the lysosome has a pH of about 5. Lysosomal enzymes break down complex molecules in bacteria and debris ingested by scavenger cells. The powerful enzymes and low pH that the lysosome maintains provide an excel- lent example of the importance of separating functions within the cell into different compartments. Under most normal conditions, the lysosome membrane confines its enzymes and their actions. However, some forms of tissue damage are related to “leaky” lysosomes.Primary lysosomes are formed by budding from the Golgi complex. Their hydrolytic enzymes are synthesised in the rough ER. As these enzymes pass through the lumen of the ER, sugars attach to each molecule, identifying it as bound for a lysosome. This signal permits the Golgi complex to sort the enzyme to the lysosomes rather than to export it from the cell.Bacteria (or debris) engulfed by scavenger cells are enclosed in a vesicle formed from part of the plasma membrane. One or more primary lysosomes fuse with the vesicle containing the ingested material, forming a larger vesicle called a secondary lysosome. Powerful enzymes in the secondary lysosome come in contact with the ingested molecules and degrade them into their components. Under some conditions, lysosomes break down organelles and allow their components to be recycled or used as an energy source.In certain genetic diseases of humans, known as lysosomal storage diseases, one of the digestive enzymes normally present in lysosomes is absent.

Is it really necessary to prepare so hard and should i delve so deep into every subject or am i exaggerating?

Thanks in advance!