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    non-EU. General info


    Hi I am new to this forum. I am non-EU student from Tajikistan. I will graduate high school this year. For my further education I am considering EU. And as I have learned Jagiellonian School diploma is 50 state approval. So I am considering to attend this school. But i have some questions:
    1. What are requirements for non-EU students like me?
    2. Does this school consider educational background(i mean high school diploma of which country)?
    3. Is there any entrance exams?
    4. To which type of program to attend?
    5. What is the official tuition fee?
    6. Are there any loans or any other kind of financial help?
    thanks for your attention. I am waiting your response bye

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    MD Program for High School graduates

    Persons eligible for admission at the studies are the holders of:

    1) a document confirming knowledge of English language, provided that secondary education was conducted in language other than English,
    2) a high school-leaving examination certificate or diploma of secondary education, which entitles its holder to be considered for admission to medical or dental (MD or DDS) programs in the state it was obtained in,
    3) biology and chemistry courses completed during secondary and/or supplementary education and confirmed by a certificate including grade, or by entry in diploma of secondary education, who will sit for the entrance examination conducted in English.

    ADMISSIONS TO THE PROGRAM ARE BASED SOLELY ON THE ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS. EXAMS are held in Krakow-Poland, Oslo-Norway (for candidates from Scandinavia), Chicago-USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The examination is a 100-question multiple-choice test in Biology (55 questions) and Chemistry (45 questions) in English.

    School of Medicine in English

    Regarding fees it costs €11,000 for 6 years (since you would enter the program for high school graduates).

    Loans would probably have to come from Tajikstan.

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