At IAUCOM, May 2016 we started a new course in the first semester that introduced students to Evidence Based Medicine – Clinical Outcomes Research (EBMCOR) as a hands-on, self-directed-learning, approach that would be used as lifelong learning throughout their career as a physician.
Basically, our goal was to instill as an innate behavior the use of recent best available evidence to support decision making for diagnosis and treatment.
We start with the concept of decision making under uncertainty and knowing that you’ll always strive to be as confident as possible to being certain using EBMCOR and experience.
When faculty across all disciplines showed interest, especially when students in later courses asked if they could do some EBMCOR in that course, we obliged and the course became a longitudinal program that we presented at the Annual IAMSE meeting.

Check out what some of our senior students are saying about it: