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    General Warning To All


    The IAU forum is going to go under a little stricter moderation. There are not going to be any courtesy PM's for editing posts, infractions will be handed out immediately for any violations.

    Also, users are reminded that multiple accounts are strictly forbidden. Any user caught with a multiple account will have all accounts permanently banned. There are no excuses and it does not matter if one was a member for a long time and doesn't want to give up their original account. Get caught and they are all banned. If one continues to create accounts after being permanently banned, further action will be warranted by VMD.

    Please be reminded that personal names are strictly forbidden. Edit out any personal names if a user decides to cut/paste an email from school or from a website. No exceptions.

    Lastly, the random complaint threads that are popping up like weeds need to stop. VMD is an ok forum to discuss these complaints. However, some of the complaints appear to be made just to fan a fire and to get a response. Some of them overlap a topic that was discusses ad nauseam in active threads within the past day. This needs to stop as well.

    What I am going to do is merge all these random complaint threads into one thread called "Complaints." Users that continue to create new threads for these random complaints outside of the official thread will be issued Flooding infractions which come with an automatic 1 week temporary ban. Users that try to create a new account during the temporary ban are subject to the same discipline as the multiple account users discussed earlier.

    Hopefully the IAU forum can get a little more organized and helpful again with these new guidelines. Please read the Terms of Service.
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