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Thread: Loans

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    Hi there
    I am doing premed working towards the admission in IAU in May 2010.. I wanted to know if there is any deferred loans available at IAU. Does anyone know about deferred loans available to non us citizens??
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    Loans are a delicate issue right now, especially with the econonmy being so bad. Lenders are relectant to issue any sort of line of credit. If you are a canadian citizen, then you actually have more chances of getting a line of credit from a canadian bank.

    However the school DOES provide an option for loans that cover tuition only. It is however not a deferred loan. You will be required to make a minimum monthly payment of $300 - $600 based on the following:

    1. Your credit score and your cosigner's credit score
    2. Your academic background.
    3. Collateral for your loan amount.

    If you are not a US citizen or Permanent Resident, then you would require atleast one other cosigner who is a US citizen to guarantee repayment of the loans.

    If you have any further questions, please contact our Financial Aid Dept at 972-484-9700
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