Let us revisit key issues:

1. Buildings

There has been no development of a permanent school building or dorms since plans of it years ago (12/2005).


2. State Licensure

No word on ANY state licensure approvals in years (not "8 months")

New York- http://www.valuemd.com/international...roval-yet.html
Texas - http://www.valuemd.com/international...-new-york.html

I copied those from IAU, not CMU this time.

3. Teachers/Staff

I am glad you brought up the "qualified teachers" point -

How many teachers have passed USMLE?
How many teachers have a license to practice and have practiced in the U.S.?

4. Clinicals

How easy is it to find temporary housing for only 6 or 12 weeks, only to move to another city all over again?

Even if there were more students, how long would it take to add more clinicals?

5. Curriculum and Scores:

I was informed: 1. The school exams given every other week do not count for much, and people still pass courses despite failing the majority of their in-house tests. 2. The bulk of the grades for each class come from NBME exams at the end of the subject, but the the grades are not released by school, you are only notified if you passed or failed. So how did someone get scores in "3 and 2 digit format?"

At the end of the day, the more important questions are:

1. If the curriculum produced USMLE passing students?

2. Where are the students bragging about their scores (students are posting their scores and how they got it on other school forums)

3. What percentage of students passed USMLE on the their first try?

4. What kind of scores are being made?

5. What percentage of them are getting interviews and to what specialties?