FRIDAY, Dec. 17 (HealthDayNews) -- Nearly 30 percent of American workers are obese, which can reduce their productivity and greatly increase their cardiovascular disease risk factors

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L.C.C. Life environment research institute
Byeungok Oh

Whether obesity is awareness toe by red signal of health, although was long
Mortality is becoming by 1st without a fundamental treatment method.
- . Treat by diet weight decrease.
- . Treat by dietary cure.
- . With yoga, play special procurements sports.
- . Remove corpulence region layer of fat by surgical operation.
Will you be focusing in covenant development yet?
Of course, although is possible When human body resistance is fainted so much so that expropriate drugstuffs, Drugstuffs treatment side effect just add.

Obesity is typical energy these trouble symptoms diseases to a basic treatment method.
General activation energy excess though is used energy by kinetic energy
It state that conversion efficiency drops.
Energy got saturated by thermodynamics and entropy are maximum state.
So, state is required is static energy for human body formation function
Should be supplied. Therefore, that energy level is high more than is general energy
Energy need and that proponent is informing this process for several years
It is United States of America special permission state being life environment system.
Of course, is important do treatment chapter, but to grasp energy system to classic concept Because do, proponent’s explanation thinks abstractly.
Arrived in visual point that must select now.
Even if expense is excessive, it can compose consortium. Because basis treatment method of all diseases is been measure Although accommodate gradually and will be magnified Because construct equipment by environment improvement, comparative much expenses are cost .
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