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    byeungok Oh Guest

    Open medical treatment question


    Open medical treatment question

    1 Change and examine closely creation process by
    Calorie unit to charge unit is human body energy.

    2 Is there way to improve human body energy
    absorption efficiency?

    3 Diagnose human body homeostasis state and present
    method that can advise

    4 Indicate phenomenon administration diagnosis and
    treatment limit situation

    5 As principal parts treatment of gene analysis,
    indicate limit situation of stem cell cultivation

    6 When it is obesity, complication state, treatment
    method is something?

    7 To retrogression disease (Heart, Cancer, Diabetes
    etc) from infection disease (Sars) what is
    reformable plan by treatment method?

    8 Can it be free in medicinal poisoning, abuse,
    anti effect?

    9 Are there cause of protein transformation and
    method that can prevent?

    10 Present supply way of the charge amount that DNA
    is kept

    I have perfect solution to problem such as something wrong although is nameless chemist.
    It must solve for mankind health improvement and it is inescapable problem.

    If you are medical treatment authority, please explain
    I did forum activity that is not enough during many times, but looked away thoroughly.
    If you find solution, you are contributed in mankind health by new medical treatment improvement.

    I cooperate together and jointly to try sincerely I want.
    If you can escape more but ignore, unethical to do not know own result
    Know that cause.

    Only problem is contributed in mankind health by treatment method that you are new if reply is possible.
    If right answer need, I can send forum data. Contact me. Thank you very much.
    L.C.C. life environment research institute
    10-9 Haewhadong Jongrogu Seoul 110-530
    South Korea
    Mr. Byeungok Oh ([email protected])

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    You can find more information about ischemia and heart disease from ischemic heart disease good luck...

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