hi there ppl

i really need ur guidance. im gonna remain unmatched this yr and was thinkin about tryin for research spots on j1. i want to do residency in internal medicine on h1. is it advisable to take j1 research? do i need a waiver to convert to j1 clinical or h1? how to get the waiver? is it tuf? do ppl get rejected? if i dont get waiver will i be able to petition and do residency on j1 clinical? do v have to do a certain number of months before we can apply for waiver? how long does it take?

i hope all u ppl with j1 research and matchin this yr will give ur input. also how is the country of waiver decided? i did mbbs in india and am an indian but i also have temporary residency in a country in middle east. i dont want to take j1 from the middle eastern country and only from india. do i have a choice as to which country i want my waiver to be from? i mean im not pickin a country on the globe as such - but in worst case scenario i wud rather prefer to do a 2yr job in india.

the thing is i have a 10yr multiple entry b1 - if i take up a research spot i gold plate my creds for next yr. but even if i dont im in decent shape for next match. but if i take research and get messed up in visa issues then its all lost. so should i go for overkill????

all advice is most welcome. those who want to remain anonymous pls email at doc_droc_apurva@yahoo.com

im sorry for postin this post here but visa forum no1 answered. and sorry for so many questions. when i get confused - i really get confused

god bless and may u all get residencies of your choices.. i assure u im not competiting in match this yr.. pls help