I am a little bit confused and I am not familiar with the visas if someone could help me I would really appreciated....my situation is this:
I am an IMG just applied to do the USMLE step 1, and I have a B1/B2 visa, I am researching hospitals to do the residency and I have seen that most sponsor only J1 visas, unfortunately with this tipe of visa you have to return to your home country for two years after completing your residency. How do I get the hospital to sponsor an H1B visa?, or how do I get one if I only have a B1/B2?. I know I have to pass step1, 2, get the ECFMG certificate, Match, and then do all the visa process, how do I end up with another visa that it's not the J1 visa so that I can be able to stay and work in the US after my residency?