I'm doing my house surgency in a govt medical college in India presently and will be completing in August 2017. As Im getting married in between I have plans to move to the US. My fiance has L1B visa. Hence I will be issued with L2 visa. I'm aware of the USMLE exams etc.. etc..
i have a few doubts.

1. using the valid L2 visa can I apply for residency in a US medical school?

2. IS EAD (employment authorization document) required for applying for residency in US?

3. As I'm in my final year here now, I'm also planning to do some elective courses in any of the US universities before my MBBS completion.(August 2017). So for an Indian student is TOEFL mandatory? In many of the universities, they have written that TOEFL and STEP 1 USMLE is required. So being from India and all our courses are in english, will the school be lenient on the requirements of TOEFL?

4. For applying for electives, what is the procedure. I have seen the list of electives published by US medical schools and teh contact number or email of the coordinator. So do I need to check the availability of the same with the coordinator?