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    Immigration & Education Consulting - Permit Made Easy


    Our Story

    Permit Made Easy was founded in 2010 to assist students & families to study and residing in other countries. We further added immigration services for Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia & European Countries. Permit Made Easy as a consulting firm has services of admission in various schools, colleges, Universities, Work Permit, Individuals & family immigration consultancy in Azerbaijan, Turkey & Russia. Permit Made Easy offers services such as college / university student's admission, skilled (unskilled) work permit, family sponsorship, entrepreneurs, investors & Tourist or visit visa services for Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, European (Schengen Countries), USA, Canada etc. We also provide assistant to the student who are interested in higher education abroad. We arrange seminars to counsel student about the higher education abroad. Please vist our services page for details about student services. We welcome your interest & invite you to find out more about our services and our company (Permit Made Easy) on our website.

    Permit Made Easy is a model organization for small to midsized study abroad, immigration an work permit providers in the area of sustainable growth, best practice in the field of international education, customer services, employee recognisition, corporate citizenship and professional working environment.

    Counsel Values

    • Integrity - we operate our council in a professional manner with a commitment to the highest standard of honesty n ethics.
    • Commitment - We are dedicated to excellence in the work, we perform n our fully engaged with the customers, we serve.
    • Citizenship - within our field n our community, we strive to increase the impact we have through participation and philanthropy, in our world we lessen the impact our counsel at business practice have on the environment.
    • Innovation - we are a team that is a progressive, proactive n dynamic.
    • Knowledge - we countinusely accumulate new information about the programmers, we operate n provide professional development opportunity to our counselors. All learning in our counsel is transparently shared with our clients.
    • Responsiveness - To all over customers, we will provide prompt, reliable services in a personalized manner
    • Ambition - we look forward to working with you in spot our goals to be a world class customer oriented company in the study abroad n immigration industry
    • We value our client. We are not the business of wasting our client's time & money.
      Permit Made Easy

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    Russia Work Permit Program
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