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Thread: visa queries?

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    visa queries?


    ok here goes my complicated issue:

    i am planning to apply for 2010 match ( img from india who is a canadian resident ,not yet a canadian citizen) have finished step1/2/cs step 3 yet to be given.....

    1. can i apply for J1 from india or is it necessary that i should apply for JI from canada.....( in which case i will also have to give MCC -EE )

    2.also is it just better to only aim to get an H1 and is that easier to get from canada. ( but then god!!! i will be limited to the number of programs i can apply to ,and i have a feeling iam in no position to be a picky chooser u knw! )

    3. also is it feasible at all to get an observership in canada .( with only my usmle scores) and any ideas as to how can i go about it.....

    in the end i got to tell u guys.......really appreciate ur patience those few who would have gone thru my longgg post! and would luvvv to hear from u guys......cheers ! thanx a ton.....

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    hi there :)


    -Yes you can and ideally should apply from Canada for J1 visa, I mean if you are in canada i think it would be easier.

    - As a foreign graduate and a CANADIAN citizen i just matched after waiting 2 years, so YES apply for all J1 and H1Bs that you can, do not limit yourself.
    In your ERAS application you can actually click on both J1 and H1B.

    -and yes DO OBSERVERSHIPS they can strengthen your application for residency by a lot.

    other questions just let me know i am a canadian who faced a lot of problems and FINALLY got my dream

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