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    Realistic timetable..can anyone help?


    I am Italian married to an American living presently in Italy. I am in the process of getting US citizenship. I have been a practicing Radiologist for about 13 years and an Interventional Radiologist for about 4 years in Italy. Now I am starting all over with the US. If you find out something, please do let me know. If you find some good information, please do share. If you find answers to:

    1.) Is it best for us to wait for me to get citizenship (finalized and in my hand) and then to look into Step 3 (as to avoid major visa problems)?
    2.) If I want to work in California after I complete ALL of the USMLE tests (my schooling was ALL at California approved schools luckily!!!!!), what must I do to PRACTICE AS AN INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGIST?
    4.) Do I have to do ONE YEAR as a general resident, PLUS a full residency program to specialize (in Radiology-interventional radiology) or re-specialize? Or do I just do the time for specialization? Or do I have to do specialization in radiology then PLUS more time to do Interventional Radiology?
    5.) How long AFTER passing the USMLE tests until he could realistically be practicing as a US licensed, California licensed Interventional Radiologist?

    Are you using a lawyer or a service? So far we are not but, we might have to soon. If you know someone to recommend, please do let us know too.

    Please do let me know if you can help answer some of these questions (or if you know someone who can answer these questions) as I find so much confusing information.
    Thanks and good luck to you and yours!

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    Kick *** on the boards

    I can't answer most of your questions, but this field is pretty competitive and you need to kick *** on the boards. Good luck. S-

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