F.K. MS 1
The student-run clinic was a great experience and just what I needed to remind me of why I chose to go to medical school. Having the opportunity to deal with real patients, communicate with them, and see the amount of respect they have for us as medical students was an awesome experience.
I was able to rotate to multiple stations today in the clinic, and I am very grateful for that opportunity. I started by taking blood pressure for 3 patients, then I had the chance to work with MS4 students to do a breast exam. They explained to me what they were doing. The biggest pleasure was seeing how grateful a patient was about this free exam that she received, to the point where she went home to get her sister and bring her in an hour later. They showed her how to do the breast exam on her own at her house and counseled her to get a mammogram once a year because she had never had one in the past.
I was then rotated by the chief resident (MS4) to the front office to register the incoming patients. I was the first person the patients interacted with when they came in. I had to take their names down, age and ask if they smoke or drink alcohol. I was very surprised about how forthcoming and comfortable they were with answering these questions.
I believe that what I liked the most was going out to patrol and take patients' blood pressure at their places of work. With a fellow MS1 classmate and a senior MS3 student, we were on our way to the police station when we were stopped by a few constriction workers who asked us if we could check their blood pressure for them. Two of them had very high blood pressure values (systolic for both was over 140) and they both had been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the past. We came back to school and asked a MS4 student to go back out with us and see if they could help with them, but we couldn't find them when we went back out. We were, however able to get the blood pressure of a few other people.
Because it was a celebration day, a lot of people were intoxicated which affected the readings we got a lot.
Overall, this was a great experience. I just wish that the MS4 students would have been more organized in the morning because it was very chaotic at the beginning. But, being able to work with them to give back to the community, and seeing how grateful these locals were for what we were doing made it all worth it.

O.A.O. MS1
My experience at the student run clinic yesterday was interesting and very educative. Local residents were willing to take advantage of the programme and get free examinations and counselling which gave me an opportunity to put into practice what I have learnt in the past few weeks. My first assignment was to go out to the community and create awareness, letting the people know The International American University, College of Medicine students were running a studentís clinic, where community members could walk-in and have their vital signs, breast examination and free medical counselling done. Once again, I was able to exercise and display my communication skill in a different manner. Most people I approached were not only willing to listen to what I had to say but also willing to go to the clinic and take advantage of the programme. I was glad the people actually turned out in large numbers because this gave me an opportunity to exhibit professionalism. My second assignment was to take patientsí vital signs. Again, I had to display my communication skill and professionalism. I literally would say that I have not taken vital signs on a good number of patients. This was a good experience because the more I took their vital signs the more I had confidence in myself. I also had the opportunity to learn somethings from the upper classmen. I also registered patientsí medical record. The most interesting part of the experience was that I was able to carry out breast examination on two patients. I felt a lump in both breasts of each patient I examined and further listened to their hearts for any possible murmur or gallops as well as listen to their lungs too. I was able to report my finding to the attending physician, in a professional manner.
My overall experience was pleasant. I had the opportunity to talk to patients on my own and to be an advocate for my own experience. Each patient had a different personality and I loved that I was able to talk to patients at the clinic and be a part of their health care experience. The busy schedule kept the day exciting and filled with opportunities to learn. I learned a lot about the importance of patience, empathy, and organization while addressing health and personal issues that some patients had. I was also able to practice taking medical histories and conducting inspection and physical examination, which will help me as I continue learning as a medical student. Working with the upper classmen was another highlight of my experience. I appreciated the constant education been provided throughout the little time we spent together. Finally, my experience was fun and rewarding to meet patients and work together with the upper class men and I hope my experience in the clinic will allow me compare and appreciate other clinical experiences I will have in the future.