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studying medicine in romania

  1. marocc
    Im a UK yr 13 student and i want to apply to medicine in romania...any help?

    my questions:
    Q1) How do I apply for medicine in Romania and where do i get the application forms from?
    Q2) Who do I send the application to?
    Q3) I've developed an interest for University of Costanta and was wondering whether you have any additional info on this Uni
    Q4) Which uni has the cheapest tuition fee? I found out that they all ask for 3600 euros, however on forums, i've read varying prices
    Q6) Is there spaces for UK students to live on campus or will I have to look for a flat?
    Q7) Is it true that 12 of the 15 seets for european students in uni of Oradea is free with no tuitioon fee? If so, does this apply to other Unis in Romania?
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