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Group Purpose

  1. deborahfriedman
    Hi folks,

    The purpose of this Group is to try to help all students of AUC find the best housing.
    Obviously, the University has an office that maintains an ongoing list of available housing. Please speak with Melissa, she is great.
    Her email address is: udo@aucmed.edu
    Her other contact info is as follows:
    Melissa M. Grinuva

    Physical Plant / University Dormitory Office

    American University of the Caribbean
    #1 University Drive at Jordan Road
    Cupecoy, Dutch Lowlands
    St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    Ph 011 599 545 2298 ext 250
    Fx 011 599 545 2202
  2. deborahfriedman
    Here is a link to best deal on the island right now:
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