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The study of vaccine production, mechanisms of vaccine action, vaccination, passive antibody administration, and biologically active antibody therapy (eg, monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, including IVIG, VZIG, rabies immunoglobulin).

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Vaccines save lives are viewed as one of the m...
Views: 27
Flu shot facts
Views: 15
Tetanus and the Tetanus vaccine
Views: 21
Views: 20
Views: 26
Hepatitis A
Views: 24
Whooping cough
Views: 22
Hepatitis B
Views: 13
Whooping cough
Views: 25
Views: 19
Meningococcal disease
Views: 16
Views: 26
Whooping cough
Views: 12
Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis
Views: 16
Views: 26
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Hepatitis A
Views: 23
Flu vaccines
Views: 11
Communicable Diseases
Views: 20
Meningococcal vaccines protect against most typ...
Views: 17
The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine
Views: 22
The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything
Views: 30
Diseases You Almost Forgot Thanks to Vaccines
Views: 30
FluMist: intranasal influenza virus vaccine.
Views: 34
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What Nurses Should Know about CDC's New Vaccine...
Views: 29
There's a lot of discussion about the pros and...
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Impact of Vaccines in the US. They save lives,...
Views: 30
PVC13 vs PVC23
Views: 34
The Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines
Views: 33
The eradication of the smallpox virus was certi...
Views: 50
This graphic is extremely convincing. It tells...
Views: 273
How HPV can affect your health - cervical cancer
Views: 57
Herd immunity - vaccination protects those who...
Views: 26
How long for a vaccine to reach European popula...
Views: 39
How vaccines work- nice visuals!
Views: 34
How Do Vaccines Work?
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Why vaccines? From http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/...
Views: 34
flu vaccine production
Views: 20
An infographic from the CDC just in time for Na...
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HPV and HepB vaccines are not associated with m...
Views: 28
Why we need high vaccination rates to fight mea...
Views: 36
You're kids do not need this disease, vaccinate.
Views: 33
Preventing illness through vaccination may lead...
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This shouldn't really be a tough choice!
Views: 16
Childhood Immunization Schedule Why we immunize
Views: 20
Quick Vaccines Summary
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Thinking about skipping the flu shot this year?
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Infographic: vaccines in Asia
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