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Views: 111
Intramuscular injections are a common practice...
Views: 16
Lung sounds - Clinical Skills
Views: 59
Adventitious lung sounds for EMTs and paramedics
Views: 76
HR sounds
Views: 30
Brief Examination of the Lymph Nodes
Views: 25
Cranial Nerve Examination
Views: 35
Anterior and Posterior
Views: 32
Developmental Dysplasia of the hip Ortho consul...
Views: 27
Galeazzi test
Views: 19
Weber and Rinne Test
Views: 29
Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer
Views: 44
Physical Examination Heart Sounds
Views: 50
The organs and illnesses associated with each a...
Views: 22
5 Areas of Heart Auscultation
Views: 23
The SAMPLE History: Detailed
Views: 34
IM Injection
Views: 23
Kawasaki Disease: Clinical Findings
Views: 35
A detailed article on jaundice in newborn breas...
Views: 23
How to determine if a child needs a CT after He...
Views: 28
Tonic/Clonic seizure phases
Views: 26
Clinical Findings in Infants and Children with...
Views: 61
Assessment for dehydration
Views: 30
Gowers' sign
Views: 33
How to indentify a Down Syndrome Baby
Views: 31
Dehydration Signs
Views: 252
Physician Assistant PANCE & PANRE
Views: 110
Cirrhosis-good chart that explains the effects...
Views: 113
Let's talk auscultation!
Views: 42
Spectrum of pathology presenting with chest pain
Views: 35
Will Neuroimaging Reveal a Severe Intracranial...
Views: 141
Musculo-skeletal Examination of shoulder.
Views: 55
Cardiac Murmurs
Views: 44
cranial nerves
Views: 20
Median Nerve Testing - Clinical Skills
Views: 15
UCSF NeuroExam Tutor medical app provides a gui...
Views: 46
Manual Muscle Testing Grading Chart
Views: 19
Pupil Size Chart
Views: 30
Types of anopsias and corresponding anatomical...
Views: 41
cranial nerves
Views: 42
nih stroke scale
Views: 37
signs of lung disease on physical examination
Views: 37
Self-care assessment
Views: 42
Exam Of Abdomen.
Views: 41
Upper Limb Nerves Lesions
Views: 40
Abdominal examination
Views: 50
Babinski test
Views: 49
Views: 27
Useful pictures for pulmonary assessment
Views: 43
Views: 32
Recommended Clinical Tests for the Evaluation o...
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