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View Parent Category Histopathology of Female Reproductive System

Views: 15
Ovary // zona pellicida // pointer on autrum //...
Views: 24
Borderline/Brenner tumor of ovary (Transitional...
Views: 27
Ovarian Teratoma - Health, Medicine and Anatomy...
Views: 21
Mucinous lmp ovarian tumour intermed mag
Views: 18
Mature Cystic Teratoma of the Ovary
Views: 11
Chorioamnionitis = caused by organisms in the v...
Views: 16
Endometrial cells, f/u histology was carcinoma
Views: 14
Views: 12
pus cells, RBCs and Epithelial cell in Pap smear
Views: 8
Inflammatory Pap Smear
Views: 13
hsil gynae pap
Views: 9
hsil pap
Views: 9
Squamous metaplasia of the cervix
Views: 13
ovary micropapillary borderline serous = Medusa...
Views: 15
most common malignant ovarian germ cell tumor =...
Views: 14
cervix glassy cell carcinoma = PAS+ cell border...
Views: 13
ovary clear cell = hyalinized, hobnail, HNF1+
Views: 14
Papillary Serous Carcinoma of Endometrium : Psa...
Views: 15
ovary cellular fibroma has < 3 mits/10 HPF
Views: 12
ovary low grade serous ca = BRAF and KRAS, prog...
Views: 13
Hypercalcemic small cell carcinoma of the ovary...
Views: 12
Call-Exner Bodies in ovarian granulosa cell tumor
Views: 17
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