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Making Health Care Safer
Views: 4
Need to know hand-washing facts.
Views: 3
Disease Transmission
Views: 7
This image shows the transmission of TB, from a...
Views: 6
CDC Threat Report: 'We Will Soon Be in a Post-A...
Views: 2
Understanding and Preventing Hospital Acquired...
Views: 491
When Chickenpox Turns Deadly
Views: 34
The History of Medical Sterilization Methods an...
Views: 7
Skin and Wound Resource Manual - Wound Care Edu...
Views: 29
hand washing procedure nhs :-) ~NHS supply chai...
Views: 20
For all of you that Don't wash your hands...Ple...
Views: 37
PPE, or personal protective equipment, must be...
Views: 29
CRE, or the "nightmare bacteria", are on the ri...
Views: 25
One in 25 patients has an infection acquired du...
Views: 16
cost of infection
Views: 17
What is MRSA?
Views: 23
Infection Prevention MRSA - Heart patients be a...
Views: 15
C Diff Prevention In the Hospital Explained
Views: 27
Infographic for understanding and preventing Ho...
Views: 32
Pages from Break the Chain of Infection
Views: 44
Alcohol is such a good germ killer because it h...
Views: 27
If you are admitted to a hopstial, then you hav...
Views: 6
Sterilization of important materials
Views: 17
Spaulding classification of Medical devices ...
Views: 18
Infographic: How to wash your hands and prevent...
Views: 18
The small study indicated that potential routes...
Views: 15
More than 360 million I.V. catheters are used i...
Views: 29
Hand Washing 101 Infographic
Views: 40
In this undated handout from the Centers for Di...
Views: 30
CDC Finally Openly Admits the Age of Antibiotic...
Views: 7
A detailed version of the Chain of Infection wh...
Views: 18
Sparkle & Shine - Wash Your Hands
Views: 24
A list of transmission-based precautions recomm...
Views: 38
IV Dressing: Tegaderm. This dressing uses antim...
Views: 30
Hospitals and clinics create the Perfect Storm...
Views: 30
How to Wash Your Hands Like a Doctor
Views: 22
Hospital Personal Protective Equipment: Donning
Views: 52
Handprint of 8 year-old boy reveals beautiful f...
Views: 37
CDC Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CR...
Views: 34
How Healthy are you Hands
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