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The group of physical, chemical, and microscopic tests to screen for, help diagnose and/or monitor several diseases and conditions, such as kidney disorders or urinary tract infections.

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Microscopic exam of Urine
Views: 36
CaOxalate monohydrate crystals and lots of RBCs...
Views: 24
Hyaline, hyaline casts with adherent fat, granu...
Views: 16
Cystine crystals. (Bright field x400)
Views: 14
different crystals in urine
Views: 47
Normal Values in Urine
Views: 50
A Nurse's Ultimate Guide to Lab values and Inte...
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Urinalysis Review
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Urine Casts
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Urine Test Strip (Dipstick) - rapid urinalysis...
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Crystal identification
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Components of urinary sediment.
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RBC cast
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Example of Microscopic Urine Sediment exam resu...
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urine artifacts
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Blended sediment. (Bright field x400) #urinarys...
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Types Of Casts Found In Urine And Their Clinica...
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Types of Crystal Found in Urine ...
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Image detail for -What does high protein in uri...
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Urine color
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Leucocytes bacteria and two squamous epithelial...
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Atlas of Urine Sediment
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OSMOLARITY (serum & urine) -- factors that incr...
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8 Diagnostics & Lab Procedures Nursing Flashcar...
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Broad waxy cast, indicative of chronic kidney d...
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Views: 40
rbc cast in urine | Clinical Significance: RBC...
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clue cells: Gardnerella vaginalis on vaginal ep...
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Actual Calcium Oxalate Crystals in urine (from...
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ammonium+biurate+crystals | ammonium biurate cr...
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Yeast in Urine under the microscope. Pretty but...
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Urinalysis samples showing evidence of Paroxysm...
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Cysteine crystals. Hexagons. Related to cystein...
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Renal tubular epithelial cell cast
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WBC cast
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Uric+Acid+Crystals | The elements shown are uri...
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Urinalysis Cheat Sheet
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Table 1. Summary of the components and potentia...
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Urinalysis :: Diagnostic Studies - http://cours...
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Where the stuff on the microscope slide comes f...
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Laboquick : Parameter Urine Strips
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Uric acid crystals are normal in urine. Appeara...
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WBC urine
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RBC urine
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Cholesterol Crystals in Urine sediment
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