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Process by which the genetic code, the nucleotide sequence, of a gene is used to direct protein synthesis and produce the structures of the cell.

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There are five levels of chromosome organization.
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Within Nucleus DNA transcribes into messenger R...
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Chromatin conformation and DNA accessibility ar...
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Macromlecules: The function of nucleic acid is...
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mRNA Translation Initiation Step
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Ubiquitin & 26s Proteosomes ( "Ubiquitously" he...
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Infographic: What DNA profiles are used for (in...
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Amino Acids and Proteins
Views: 83
mRNA vs tRNA
Views: 17
Graphic showing transcription and translation f...
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#Gamete (Ancient Greek: gamete "wife") is a cel...
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Over time, due to each cell division, the #telo...
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Types of Mutation
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Oncogenes are best studied by Transfection ...
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Genomic Imprinting
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Transposons - "jumping genes" make up 45% of th...
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Description: Figure 7.1. Organization of the hu...
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Possible models of DNA replication
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DNA Repair
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DNA mutations
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Fig.1 Multiple mechanisms suppress mutations. H...
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DNA conformations
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DNA *and* RNA bases, for cross-stitch pattern-m...
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The Shine-Dalgarno element in prokaryotic RNAs...
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RNA: Transfer RNA
Views: 16
Nucleotide-excision repair
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From DNA to proteins, one of life's core processes
Views: 16
TJ. In molecular biology and genetics, translat...
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BidirectionalRep L
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What is the Purpose of a Promoter in Transcript...
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dna rna cmap
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Everything that you would want to learn about t...
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An overview of the two stages of protein produc...
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A double-stranded DNA molecule becomes increasi...
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Gene expression. A gene's DNA is transcribed in...
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Replication fork
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DNA Replication
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dna replication vs rna transcription
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Centrioles are composed of mictrotubules which...
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Types of RNA
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RNA Transcription
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Transfer RNA (tRNA)
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RNA Processing
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Transcription of mRNA from DNA
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Protein Synthesis - RNA Translation
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