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The subspecialty of internal medicine that involves the management of disorders of hormones and their actions, metabolic disorders, and neoplasia of the endocrine glands (eg, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, disorders of calcium and bone, hyperlipidemia, obesity and nutritional disorders, pituitary disorders, reproductive and gonadal disorders, adrenal diseases, and endocrine hypertension).

Normal T3 Levels
by drldf
01-31-2020 05:00 AM Go to last upload
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Endocrinology Videos View Slide Show

Endocrinology Videos

Endocrinology videos for medical education.

Thyroid Nodule
by drldf
01-18-2020 10:39 PM Go to last upload
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Adrenal Disorders View Slide Show

Adrenal Disorders

Disorders of the adrenal glands (eg; corticoadrenal insufficiency (Addison disease); adrenal insufficiency, secondary; hypocortisolism; Cushing syndrome; hyperaldosteronism; neoplasms, benign and malignant (adrenal neuroblastoma, pheochromocytoma, adrenal carcinoma, adrenal adenoma, aldosteronoma, adrenal incidentaloma); delayed and precocious puberty; hypertensive endocrine disease).

by drldf
12-05-2019 07:47 PM Go to last upload
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Diabetes Mellitus View Slide Show

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus and other disorders (eg; diabetes mellitus, type 1, type 1.5, type 2; acute complications: hyperosmolar coma, hypoglycemic shock, ketoacidosis, cerebral edema, associated electrolyte abnormalities; chronic complications: gastrointestinal/gastroparesis, neurologic/neuropathy, ophthalmologic/retinopathy, peripheral vascular, renal/nephropathy, metabolic syndrome).

Protect your vision from diabetes
by drldf
04-28-2020 10:13 PM Go to last upload
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Hypoglycemia & Islet Cell Disorders View Slide Show

Hypoglycemia & Islet Cell Disorders

Disorders of the endocrine pancreas (eg; hypoglycemia (secondary to insulinoma, surreptitious insulin use, sepsis, liver failure); hyperglycemia (secondary to glucagonoma); hyperinsulinism; islet cell tumors/insulinoma/somatostatinoma; pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors).

How to treat low blood sugar
by drldf
04-28-2020 10:15 PM Go to last upload
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Insulin Resistance View Slide Show

Insulin Resistance

The factor that leads to type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and prediabetes when cells of the body don't respond properly to the hormone insulin.

Peak Times for Insulin
by drldf
05-22-2020 03:57 AM Go to last upload
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Parathyroid Disorders View Slide Show

Parathyroid Disorders

Disorders of the parathyroid glands (eg; hyperparathyroidism; hypoparathyroidism; metabolic bone disease).

Hypoparathyroidism. Often occurs as a result...
by drldf
05-16-2020 10:49 PM Go to last upload
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