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The study of the immune response that occurs when an organ or tissue is moved (grafted) from one individual to another (eg, rejection, graft-vs-host disease).

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Graft versus host disease (GvHD)
Views: 29
Human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) complex
Views: 30
History and naming of human leukocyte antigens
Views: 29
Gene map of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) r...
Views: 40
Co-stimulatory pathways that might modulate mem...
Views: 18
B Cell Responses to Allograft—More Common Than...
Views: 21
Transfusion-associated Graft Versus Host Diseas...
Views: 22
HLA matching transplantation ...
Views: 28
The diagram depicts what can occur if an Rh neg...
Views: 24
Bone marrow transplantation is a critical proce...
Views: 24
Regulatory immune cells in transplantation
Views: 4,166
Sirolimus and Secondary Skin-Cancer Prevention...
Views: 4,135
Pathways of allorecognition in transplant rejec...
Views: 3,458
Cardiac transplantation. Scenario 1: tolerance
Views: 3,473
Cardiac transplantation. Scenario 2: Chronic Re...
Views: 3,056
Histopathology Kidney--Acute transplant rejection
Views: 3,656
Histopathology Kidney --Chronic transplant reje...
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