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The branch of microbiology that is generally concerned with structure, processes, replication, genetics, oncogenesis of parasites.

Views: 35
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes
Views: 19
Parasites in faeces - Sunday Challenge
Views: 19
Schistosoma mansoni, cercariae
Views: 15
Diphyllobothrium latum Method of diagnosis - re...
Views: 193
Views: 18
Malaria (morphologic analysis) continues to be...
Views: 60
Pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis)
Views: 17
Magnified picture of adult louse.
Views: 25
The head of a human flea and other amazing micr...
Views: 31
Maggot: Things you don't want to see under a mi...
Views: 21
This image, captured with an electron microscop...
Views: 21
Views: 11
Micro Monsters: scanning electron microscope im...
Views: 22
Maggot under an electron microscope.
Views: 16
WebMD gives you the facts about common parasite...
Views: 18
Views: 24
Paragonimus westermani (Oriental lung fluke)
Views: 48
Entamoeba histolytica
Views: 29
Views: 32
Trichuris trichiura egg
Views: 24
Trichomonas vaginalis
Views: 25
Hymenolepis nana eggs
Views: 42
Parasites That Could be Infecting You Right Now...
Views: 39
Giardia Lamblia-awesome photography!
Views: 29
Toxoplasma gondii
Views: 46
Balantidium coli
Views: 39
The difference between Trypanasoma brucei, and...
Views: 47
Views: 29
Plasmodium ovale stages in Giemsa-stained
Views: 26
Stadii eritrocitare P malariae
Views: 71
Leishmania - a flagellated protozoan:
Views: 23
Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm). Note cervica...
Views: 33
dipylidium caninum -passed intact in the feces...
Views: 495
[MALARIAL PARASITES IN BLOOD]. Note the presenc...
Views: 65
Helminthes (oeufs)
Views: 40
Views: 37
giardia lamblia cycle
Views: 43
Leishmania parasites, TEM
Views: 28
Brugia malayi with a Giemsa stain
Views: 64
Views: 37
P. malariae rosette schizonts
Views: 36
Plasmodium vivax
Views: 41
Chagas disease T. cruzi
Views: 48
Views: 34
Parasitology - - intestinal protozoa
Views: 32
Trematode are leaf-shaped flatworms also known...
Views: 28
Cestoda (Cestoidea) is the name given to a clas...
Views: 28
Life cycle of Microsporidia
Views: 41
trichinella spiralis life cycle - Google Search
Views: 30
hookworm life cycle
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