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Calcium channel blockers - mechanism of action
Views: 13
Drugs used to treat clotting disorders
Views: 10
Anti-hypertensives are a class of drugs that ar...
Views: 17
Antihypertensive Agents (Cheatsheet)
Views: 46
Calcium channel blockers
Views: 28
Antiarrhythmic drugs mnemonics
Views: 16
Anticoagulant drugs cheat sheet
Views: 92
Beta blockers
Views: 8
Anti hypertensives
Views: 97
Plot of membrane potential versus time. The ini...
Views: 118
Antihypertensive agents
Views: 59
by anastasia
Views: 13
ACLS Drugs
Views: 172
Views: 89
Common BP meds infographic
Views: 99
Views: 32
Rivaroxaban with aspirin significantly improves...
Views: 39
Cardiac drugs
Views: 33
treating congestive heart failure
Views: 28
USMLE Review - Cardiology (Cardiac Pharmacology)
Views: 24
Antihypertensive Medications - site and mechani...
Views: 24
Cardizem drip
Views: 18
Views: 25
1) BB no longer first line. Less effective for...
Views: 25
Effect of beta blockers
Views: 25
Drugs for tx of Acute MI
Views: 33
Drugs that cause QT prolongation
Views: 25
How Do Beta Blockers Fight Hypertension? (Under...
Views: 24
Enoxaparin (Lovenox) is a low molecular weight...
Views: 29
ACE Inhibitors - Captopril and enalapril improv...
Views: 12
IVPB & IV push meds Flashcards
Views: 25
direct vasodialation
Views: 39
compensatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular s...
Views: 24
cardiovascular drugs
Views: 28
Drugs used in angina
Views: 29
Views: 38
cardiac meds components of the RAAS
Views: 33
Nursing School | Cardiac Medications: Part 2
Views: 47
Major physiological mechanisms of antihypertens...
Views: 24
Antiarrhythmic Drugs
Views: 14
Beta-blockers will decrease heart rate but fort...
Views: 31
Anti hypertensive drugs
Views: 41
Beta Blockers
Views: 257
CFood at nights a SIN But Please Have(BPH) Fudg...
Views: 34
Drugs for the hemodynamically unstable patient
Views: 33
Views: 31
Summary Chart of Warfarin Interactions
Views: 33
Statins aka. Cholesterol meds
Views: 36
Anti-hypertensive drugs
Views: 53
Nurses Mnemonics and Tips
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