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Compare the sizes of a viroid to a bacterium
Views: 0
Salmonella enteritidis on ChromID CPS Agar - De...
Views: 49
Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that ar...
Views: 45
Phenol Red Fermentation Broth
Views: 4
Methyl red
Views: 4
Lysine Iron Agar is used to distinguish between...
Views: 10
Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSI): Principle, Proced...
Views: 8
Result Interpretation of Bile Solubility Test T...
Views: 184
Macconkey Agar | TM Media
Views: 141
Views: 134
Mannitol Salt Agar
Views: 158
Shigella and Shigellosis
Views: 13
EnteroScreen 4 - One tube method for the screen...
Views: 310
Colony Morphology on MacConkey Agar
Views: 11
Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Ribosomes
Views: 29
The Urease Test Determines whether or not a mic...
Views: 17
7. Citrate utilization test. This slant test de...
Views: 148
B. cereus- grows AEROBICALLY, gram positive rod...
Views: 102
Trichomonas vaginalis. Transmitted by sexual co...
Views: 48
Actinomyces bacterial infection- associated wit...
Views: 73
Giardia smiles back at you. Duodenum has C-shap...
Views: 13
Chilomastix mesneli- pear shaped with shephard'...
Views: 35
Typical "fried egg colonies" Mycoplasma pneumon...
Views: 15
Tests used for gram positive and negative bacteria
Views: 16
Voges-Proskaur. This tests for a more neutral e...
Views: 12
Final lab, ex. 5. Urease test to determine if b...
Views: 16
Motility: Streptococcus pneumoniae is non-motile
Views: 14
Indole test: Right: Klebsiella pneumoniae (indo...
Views: 13
The difference between Trypanasoma brucei, and...
Views: 49
Leishmania - a flagellated protozoan:
Views: 15
Micro chart
Views: 16
Micro chart
Views: 6
Macconkey agar plates
Views: 12
alpha, beta,gamma hemolysis
Views: 41
Indole Test
Views: 23
Gram negative and positive cells---This diagram...
Views: 20
Use this blank handout as a way for students to...
Views: 20
Enterococcus- Bile Esculin agar test
Views: 22
media vessel terminology microbiology - Google...
Views: 45
Helminthes (oeufs)
Views: 90
mcconkey lactasa positiva
Views: 161
Haemolysis on agar. Common types of Haemolysis....
Views: 22
Motility test medium: differentiates between mo...
Views: 37
The bacterium, Enterococcus faecalis, which liv...
Views: 21
Microbiology of Bites Pocket Card. $1.25, via E...
Views: 26
Gram Stain Procedure
Views: 20
gram stain | gram stain
Views: 471
~This is perfect~ Grading Agglutination Reactions
Views: 15
Serial dilution Procedure diagram
Views: 10
How To Use a Compound Light Microscope: Biology...
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