Hai Friends,

I am one of the Medical Students in Caribbean, who came to study medicine in Caribbean, all the way from India. I am in my FINAL year and i need help to pay for my last fee installment. I can't get any loan and hence i am looking for a sponsorship or any kind of help. I have to pay my school by the end of August, 2006, otherwise i cant get my Graduate Certificate and i am all in full of stress and i am unable to concentrate for my FINAL EXAM.

I request all of you, if you know any lind of ORGANISATION that will help INDIVIDUALS, please let me know as soon as possible. By the way i am a CATHOLIC. I am just telling you this because there might be some organisations that can help christian students.

I would really aprreciate all for any kind of information. So guys and gals please do let me know if you know any information.