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    Portable sinks for travelling


    Hi there,
    I used to travel with my family and I love it, but the problem is that we travel to places where there aren't many restaurants we want to try out. We feel like it is waste of time going to restaurants simply because we're hungry.

    So we like to pack food from home while travelling, and we even skip some meals a day while enjoying travelling.
    When our trip is for more days and if it is not possible to pack that much food, we used to buy food from restaurants and find some calm place to enjoy our meals.
    In such situations, the main problem that we face is proper handwashing. We wish to be hygienic always, especially in this pandemic situation. When discussed with my friend, he suggested buying a portable sinkfor travel.
    Is it possible to carry a portable sink while travelling?
    Do you guys feel it is the best method?
    Has anyone here have any experience in using portable sinks while travelling? Please share your experiences and opinions regarding portable sinks.

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    is there such a thing as portable sinks? If I am travelling then I could use alcohol or antibacterial wipes if there is no sink for me to wash my hands.

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