Hi there,
I have a slight overbite due to misaligned teeth and a gap in the front teeth. It was just only a matter of discomfort at the earlier stage. But now, it started affecting my confidence and self-esteem. I'm thinking about taking orthodontics treatment.
Even though I'm curious to get it cured, I'm a little worried about the treatment because I have zero tolerance for pain. When I read online, I got to know about several issues associated with orthodontics treatment. I read that metal braces are painful, and it can cause specific dental issues as there is a great chance for food particles to be stuck in the braces.

So I shared my concerns with my friend, and she told about Invisalign braces, and I got to know that it's a painless and comfortable tooth straightening treatment method. She also said that it is easy to remove while eating and for cleaning, so the chance for other dental issues is less.
This made me a bit confident. However, I wanted to hear some who have undergone straightening treatment by Invisalign aligners. Are they worth it? Is there any other effective method for misaligned teeth? How long would it take to get the result?
I'm eagerly waiting for your reply.