I'll start off by giving a cordial welcome online even though it's the dean's job (and he will do that on your matriculation day).

A few tips and helpful hints:

1) There's an orientation program for all 1st years 1 or 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the academic year. I would recommend everyone to attend this as your upperclassmen will help you immensely with registration, class schedules, buying books, and also show you around every department. The first faculty as some or most of you already know is quite spread out, so it helps to know where all your 1st year classes are going to be taught so that you can avoid the embarrassment of getting late and have your peers and the prof. stare at you. In addition most will give you a lot of hints how to deal with certain professors/subjects/exams.

2) Attend all seminars and while lectures are optional, try to attend them for a week or two to see if they suit you.

3) Study from the 1st/2nd week of the school year. You'll be surprised how fast the 1st year goes by. There are tons of events for freshers (which include parties, hangouts, and other social events) and try to attend them by all means but don't get too distracted or bogged down by them. Med school can be an evil beast that's a cheetah in disguise so don't fall behind, as that will only make you frustrated and dejected.

4) Make a good group of friends that you think you not only help you to study but also ensure you have a good time. This is easier said than done but you really have to balance you study and play time according to your pace as well as the amount of stuff to be studied. Again you'll be quite surprised how this sounds so cliche but it's true to the core. Charles first fac. doesn't have a high attrition rate for nothing.

5) Finish all your exams early so that you can have a peaceful summer vacation. This means that you mainly have to focus on the biggies: biophysics in the 1st sem; anatomy and histology in the 2nd sem.

Finally, I wish you the best of luck and have a great 1st year. The year will pass by quickly mainly due to all the excitement of being in medical school (which is good as that should motivate you to study harder) so just try to take it all in as the same can't be said for the year/s after the first year.